About Us

Martin Training and Consultancy is a service specialising in domestic violence, with an in depth knowledge in male victim/survivors and LGBT domestic violence. Luke Martin LLM of Martin Training and Consultancy, has both an academic and practical background in the field and has worked with many of the leading domestic violence organisations in the country, including; CAADA, Women's Aid, Respect and Broken Rainbow. 


Martin Training and Consultancy provides domestic violence working programmes for suitable services to work with victim/survivors and perpetrators of domestic violence. The programmes are purchased through a one off payment, and run by your service. The running of the programme will continue to be monitored and reviewed by Martin Training and Consultancy. 


Martin Training and Consultancy also provides bespoke training packages for services which may come in to contact with victim/survivors and perpetrators of domestic violence. Training aims to give attendees a further understanding of the dynamics of domestic violence and equip them with the knowledge and insight to be able to offer sufficient advice and signposting to anybody who may present as a victim of domestic violence. 


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Our History


Luke Martin found a passion for domestic violence whilst studying an Undergraduate Degree in Law, which led him to volunteer at the Dyn Project, Cardiff. Whilst working with the Dyn Project Luke delivered lectures to undergrad law and social work students on male domestic violence. From the Dyn Project Luke attended Keele University to study a Masters in Law, Gender, Sexuality and Human Rights. Whilst in Staffordshire Luke began working with Arch (North Staffs) domestic violence team. Whilst with Arch Luke redeveloped the male service, offered 1-2-1 support for both male and female victim/survivors, delivered a school’s programme teaching 8 to 16 year olds about healthy relationships and domestic violence as well as working with and writing a 30 week perpetrator programme. After leaving the Midlands Luke relocated to London where he briefly worked with the LGBT Domestic Abuse Forum as well as Broken Rainbow. He currently works as a Male Independent Domestic Violence Advisor for Women’s Aid,  and the Domestic Violence Intervention Project as well as training for Respect, the UK's leading perpetrator programme accreditation service.



"Training delivered by Martin T&C was excellent and a very useful resource for us to have." -- Manager, Mind Empowerment Centre

"Really enjoyed this course. Luke’s attitude is very relaxed and his attitude gives the subject significance without making it feel scary in terms of working with this type of client.   He was very helpful. Raised my awareness and knowledge. I will work more sensitively and astutely with LGBT clients in the future." -- West London Relate


"Luke was a key speaker at our event and spoke about issues specific to Same Sex Domestic Violence. His contribution to the event was received very well. The presentation methods used made it easy for delegates from a variety of backgrounds and experience to understand the subject area." -- Peter Rigby, Staffordshire Police